Exchange of Ideas at “Startup-Saturday, Gurgaon”

There’s nothing like talking to a room full of entrepreneurs. I was delighted when I was presented with an opportunity of addressing a Startup Saturday organized by  the Headstart Network at the School of Inspired Leadership.


The theme for the day was design and I had a brilliant time speaking there a few weeks back. I spoke about my experiences working as a photographer and a film-maker. I tried contrasting my experiences of working with large corporations as compared to start-ups and not-so-mature-firms.

The event happens every month on the second Saturday at the School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon. If you too are an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one, and you live in or around Delhi NCR, this is one event that I would highly recommend.

I personally found this meet amazing as the attendees were an extremely diverse set of entrepreneurs. From tech start-ups to desi-businesses, from seasoned businessmen to budding entrepreneurs, struggling one-man-companies to established corporations; the room had them all.  And of course the best part was meeting new people at the end of the talk. All entrepreneurs, without any exceptions,  have a couple of brilliant stories and interacting with them is always fun and it leaves you with some serious food for thought.

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