There has been a sudden surge in the number of Animated Promo Videos in India in the last few years. This is true both for young startups and established million dollar brands alike. While startups enjoy running full blown campaigns around inexpensive explainer videos, MNCs use them mostly to compliment one of instances like product launches, feature updates or events and short term promos. The number of animated promo videos in India has also gone up manifold owing to the onset of relatively faster internet connections on the go.

From our animation studio in Delhi have been creating promo videos for a wide range of clients based out of India and abroad. We feel that there are a couple of reasons why some Animated Explainer Videos are more successful than others. Here is a list for your ready reference.

Keep an Eye on Production Aesthetics

This is definitely on the top of our check list. Animation and design is a time consuming exercise. It is of paramount importance that you do not cut corners by rushing through the process so that every video that is published on your brand’s channel presents your brands in the good light that it deserves to be seen in.

Make your Videos Device Agnostic

The traffic coming on your website from handheld devices is going up by the day. On an average we have about 38% of the traffic on our website through mobile devices. We suggest you keep in mind how your explainer video would look like on a mobile device. Try and stay away from very small elements in the design and fonts that might not be clearly visible on small screens. It might also be worthwhile to view a draft version of your video on a mobile device in the early stages of the animation process.

Keep your Video Short

The attention span of the your target audience is much shorter than you think. Short videos that are crisp and drive point home quickly will have a better RoI in most cases. As a rule of thumb we recommend that you keep your Promo Videos less than 90 seconds if they are intended for use on the internet. Event videos should be no longer than five minutes.

Script is at the Heart of your Video

Script is by far the most important component of your animation, a great script is half the job done. You have less than 10 seconds to capture the attention of the viewer and about a minute after that to make your elevator pitch, a good script ensures that your video does than it in the most effective manner.

Stay within your Budget

It is important to figure out your overall budget at an early stage in your production process. It makes sense to keep aside a reasonable percentage to promote your video on social media platforms.

Get the perfect voice Over

Choosing the right voice over artist for your video is like casting the right character for a film. It is important to choose a voice that is just perfect in terms of tone and aesthetics of the animated video.

Some humor won’t Hurt

I dont think it would come as a surprise to you if I tell you that more than two third successful campaigns have an element of humor in them. If you think your target audience can handle some bit of humour, do go ahead and mention this to your producer.

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