If you do follow how most startups market themselves these days, you’d agree with us when we say that animated explainer videos are one of the most commonly used marketing tools. Effective use of animated videos can really catapult your marketing efforts to the next orbit.


We are an explainer video company based out of Delhi NCR and we have been producing quality explainer videos for corporate clients in Delhi much before they became mainstream.


Having our roots as a media production company helped us gain traction in the explainer video market and we are proud to be associated as explainer video providers for some of the most amazing and diverse set of clients in Delhi. We have created explainer videos for events, book launches, corporate presentations, sales pitch videos, startups, mobile apps, web services, e-commerce startups and many other diverse requirements of our clients.


Key Clients

As we mentioned, we started out as a media production company creating print campaigns, TV commercials, documentary films and fashion films for the some of the best brands in Delhi and elsewhere. Much before we ventured into creating explainer videos for our clients, our still was adept at using animations and CG based effects for other forms of video. Here’s one video that we did for Shell, a global leader in oil and lubricants.

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Our expertise in using animations for other forms of videos gives us a certain edge as compared to other companies offering explainer video services in Delhi. Let us walk you though some of the work we have created for companies in Delhi and elsewhere. Here are some of the diverse use cases for explainer videos that we have delivered for our clients.

Mobile App Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are extremely effective in the marketing of mobile apps. Explainer videos can easily elaborate on the key functionalities of the app and demonstrate the features in an effective and concise way. Explainer videos can also be used to give users a quick and concise walkthrough of how the app works. Here’s an explainer video we did for a Delhi based startup called ResQ Rangers. The mobile app connects animal lovers and allows them to collaborate in their pursuit of helping stray animals in need. Check this video out.

This video for ResQ Rangers starts by grabbing the attention of the viewer by setting up the need of such an app. The viewer is then guided through the most important functionalities of the app followed by a recap of the mobile app’s key features.

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Event Invite Video

Explainer videos can also be used as event invites, and we aren’t the first ones to say that. Explainer videos have been used for invites of all sorts, from no-nonsense corporate events to the quirky wedding invites. Here’s a video we did for Delhi Lit Fest. It is an extremely simple and inexpensive animation with just a few animated slides with effective use of voice over to drive the point home.



This video was used by the promoters of the event as an e-invite sent mostly over email and mobile platforms.

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Corporate Presentation Video

Explainer videos can be used as a quick and effective replacement for corporate presentations. This is especially true in cases when presentations need to be sent out on a regular basis to prospective clients , vendors or buyers with low engagement and very short attention spans. Sending out videos as corporate presentation is much more engaging and helps in establish a better percieved value of the company as compared to PPTs or PDF presentations which have been out there for decades now.


This video is a great example of how to use an explainer video instead of a presentation to drive your point in an effective and concise manner.

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E-Commerce Website Promotional Video

Name a good e-commerce website and it is very likely that they have invested in more than a couple of explainer videos. Most e-commerce websites use explainer videos as an elevator pitch. It is advisable to have multiple videos each aimed at a specific set of product category or demographic of the audience.



Here’s a video we made for Zynna Online, an e-commerce platform in the niche of window solutions.

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Book Promo Video


This was in-fact, one of the first explainer videos that we ever made. This video was meant for the launch of a book written by Sachin Garg, a best selling author.

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Explainer Video for a cloud based service

SaaS companies and cloud based service providers are also frequent users of explainer videos. Explainer videos are a great way to guide users through the screenshots without making the process utterly boring. Here’s a video we did for a Delhi based e-learning startup, the idea of introducing a mascot was to make the walk though of the service more engaging than a series of screengrabs.


Explainer video for Test Trailer

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Please do reach out to tell us if you liked the videos above. If you wish to see more of our work, please check out this page.