Production House in Delhi, India

We are a team of young and creative people, with a distinct voice, which is visible in the work that we do.

We are a full service media production house in Delhi NCR offering complete creative services. In the last five years, we have built various capabilities and have worked on some very diverse projects. We start our projects from the ideation stage, by discussing and understanding the brief given by the collaborator. And then our creative team unlocks the absolute potential of the concept and we present the best possible roadmap of its execution, within practical budgets and timelines. Once everything has been planned out, we execute the project by engaging the right camera, crew, set designers, musicians and everything else.

NCR has become a hub of production houses in India in a very short span of time. Even though the industry is quite young in the city, the whole ecosystem of rental cameras and models and actors and talented freelancers like cinematographer and art directors is vibrant and if anything, there is a problem of plenty. As the industry is maturing, the talent in the city is at par with the talent of any city across the world.

Delhi NCR also has the advantage of being host to the headquarters of most corporate houses. Even though phones and video conferences have brought us closer, nothing matches the clarity of having a discussion in person with the client. Some clients always prefer to be present on the location of the shoot and being the same city is definitely a boon in that case. Production houses in Delhi also enjoy the luxury of meeting clients for pre-production meetings at ease. Probably the only city in India that matches this kind of interaction with clients is Mumbai.

We take up projects which delight our clients and excite us as well. We are driven by the zest to bring vague ideas to life by creating a story around it. Our clients have appreciated our enthusiasm to that extra mile to achieve the results exactly as had been envisioned by them. This is why some of the biggest brands based out of Delhi trust us with their most important projects and have stayed with us for years now.

TV Commercial Production

TV commercials are a much older form of marketing, compared to digital platforms. It also requires very different capabilities in terms of execution from the production house. Where in the digital platform, one can take time to communicate, in TV, every additional second means extra cost for airtime. Therefore the required information needs to be delivered in an even more concise manner. We have an advantage over other production houses in Delhi as we are a full service production company. Tv commercials have special relevance to brands in India as some brands rely on national TV channels to reach out to rural audiences. We as a production house offer both shoot based and animated TV commercials to suit the needs of our clients in Delhi.

The quality benchmark is high. Because the cost of TV slots is so high, the stakes are also much higher and margin of error is much smaller. The cost of everyday shoot is also high because of the bigger crew, which means proper planning is required before starting the shoot. One extra day of shooting can mean huge extra costs.

TV commercials generally have bigger budgets than other forms of videos used for marketing and require bigger crews. It also requires working and collaborating with diverse set of talents.

As a production house, our strength is that we have end-to-end capability of delivering projects. We can deliver set constructors, music, casting and concept story boarding as per the project's needs. We understand the importance of telling an engaging story, even in the short span of time that TV ads give you to make sure that the audience stays glued to the screen. At the same time, the brand needs to be communicated in the right way.

We know the importance of understanding the brand completely. It is easy to get carried away by a concept which might be funny or visually appealing but does not represent the brand in the best possible manner. A production house needs to work closely with the brand team as well as the agency that represents the brand to ensure that the messaging is delivered as intended. When it comes to television, fortunately, a lot of data is also available to guide us. Most good production houses understand the importance of striking a balance between relying on historical data and creative decisions.

Shell’s project (above) is a mix of animation and footage which positioned just the way the brand wanted. With the help of visual graphics, we were able to explain and illustrate how the product helps the engine of a vehicle and presents the product as technologically superior.

Digital Promo Video Production

We as a production house yearn for exciting briefs tailored specifically for digital channels. It is exciting to see how some of the biggest production houses based out of Delhi and other parts of India have joined brands to create cutting edge content for exclusive digital usage. Digital platforms like Youtube and Vimeo have been the most dynamic and most impactful part of video content in the last ten years. Even Facebook has altered its algorithm to give clear preference to video content over images and text, by making sure video content goes into the timeline of higher percentage of people. Even Instagram and Twitter are seeing higher and higher percentage of video content. With ad spends on digital ads rising every quarter, it’s important to understand that the demands and expectations of digital audiences are very different from TV audiences.

We combine our understanding of content with our knowledge of brands, which along with our capability of execution gives great results. The one-size-fits-all mentality is a thing for yesterday’s marketers. Videos have clearly emerged as the medium of choice for best brand-to-customer communication. It is no longer just a tool for brand awareness but top marketers are now using it to engage and educate prospects, enhance lead scoring and nurture streams.

There is a certain grammar to digital content which can be understood only by someone who is a keen observer of the digital promo video space. We understand what it means to have a short attention spans and how to leverage visual buzz points.

We are a young team of talented people, who understand the pulse of the youth and what is the kind of content that people want to watch. For example, studies have shown that 85% of videos are seen on Facebook without turning on the sound. So if a brand is focussing on Facebook, it is important to shoot the video in a way that it can be understood without sound or have subtitles on it. Also, some brands might not want to promote in a way which does not lay emphasis on sound and in those cases, Facebook videos are not the right platform.

Both agencies and marketers agree that digital video content budgets are going to increase every year, with agencies being way more interested in it. 65% of agencies are planning to increase their budget for digital video. According to Cisco, very soon 69% of all internet interactions will involve watching a video.

We’ve done several video projects for digital platforms. We collaborated with Bausch & Lomb and Lisa Haydon for the launch of Lacelle color lenses. In this project, we wanted to present the product in an aspirational and tempting fashion. The final result was a short video which got great visibility online because of its snappiness.

Documentary Film Production

Definitely, India is a dream location for any documentary film producer. It’s a country which offers every possible landscape and such diversity in people that there is no shortage of subjects to capture. Even though documentaries have been made in India for decades, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that we have just scratched the surface in terms of topics covered.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of documentary makers. One is the kind who know what is required exactly. This one is where the filmmaker plans out what he needs to shoot and does at least some degree of story boarding before starting the shoot. This type requires thorough research before the shoot begins.

In the second kind, the filmmaker lets his subject lead the direction of the documentary. Instead of pre-deciding what to shoot, the filmmaker lets the process of shooting be a part of the research and records footage without an exact direction for the documentary. A lot is decided at the time of edits rather than before starting the shooting.

Documentaries are perceived as the most authentic way of knowing about a subject.

Today, documentaries have transcended medium and can be seen on several platforms. They are not restricted to TV channels. There are multiple online channels which produce or feature quality work done in this space. There are also several companies which are commissioning documentaries for various purposes. These could be targeted at documenting a CSR project or an impact initiative. It could also be to highlight a special story associated with the company. We as a production house in Delhi are especially looking to join hands with production companies from across the globe to create powerful films setup in the Indian backdrop.

Our documentary on Aghori babas of Varanasi has got great appreciation from whoever has seen it. It was an unscripted shoot, where we travelled around Varanasi talking to interesting people. When we got back and edited the footage, we were pleasantly surprised by how well the narrative had come out.

Fashion Film Production

Traditionally, fashion has been associated with magazines. But with fashion editorials also moving online, videos are becoming an integral part of their content. Today, many viewers look forward to not only the cover shoot of a magazine but also the behind-the-scene video that comes with it.

Fashion films are all about glamour and presenting the brand in an aspirational way. There may or may not be a narrative but they definitely require an understanding of lighting and framing of the shots which present the model in the most attractive way. They can have varied applications; for example, several fashion designers are now launching their new collections through fashion films, instead of doing a fashion show, which can be a lot more expensive.

Also, the video is a lot easier to watch than attending a fashion show and can be seen across the world, maintaining the tone, movement and approach of the collection. Even several big brands have embraced fashion films.

Fashion films are like an extension of an aspirational brand, an alternate way of experiencing clothing, fashion or a trend.

A large portion of a brand's audience is not able to attend runway shows, or are not even in one of the major fashion districts like NY or Paris. Fashion films provide an online experience of the brand/collection.
As more and more designers and consumers become aware of the concept of fashion films, the demand for them have been growing. And we have been ready for this growth, as fashion is a very important tool in our kit of creative expression.

When we worked with Snapdeal, the company was looking to present their fashion brand Manhattan Connect in a youthful way for their Indian audience. They wanted to position it as an upmarket international brand. We handled the campaign end-to-end, including casting and set management. There's nothing more satyfying for a production house than getting a five star feedback from a client. The client was really happy with the results and thought that the video looked really polished and presented the brand in the right way.