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Corporate Documentary Film shot in Delhi, NCR

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK-CH) commissioned me to create a corporate film on “A day in the lives of front-line sales representatives”. They gave  me complete creative freedom on the treatment of the short documentary. So much so that there wasn’t a brief to start with and there was no constraint on how and what I should shoot. As creative folks, we all yearn to bag such assignments, and they only come in once in a blue moon. This definitely was one of the most satisfying assignments that I have done in the recent times.

I worked very closely with Rahul Kandhal (@RahulKandhal) from GSK-CH on this project. He is definitely one of the most passionate HR professionals that I have worked with. Over endless cups of coffee, he explained to me how a typical sales representative functions and the challenges that he faces on a daily basis. He truly believed that the front line sales staff drive an FMCG organization and they deserve to be portrayed in a brilliant light. His insights made my job a lot easier.

We completed the shoot in three days shooting GSK’s sales folks on their daily beats. We shot in crowded markets of Delhi and remote locations of old Gurgaon. We followed them as they made their sales calls, did in-store merchandising and shot them when they interacted with chemists and retailers. They were not actors and they took their own sweet time to get camera friendly, slowly they opened up completely and voiced out their thoughts about their own profession. The result was a corporate film that instantly struck the right chord when it was screened at their annual Champions Meet.

I have always been a huge fan of documentary style corporate films, more so after shooting this film. Real people talking about real experiences make more sense to me than graphics and voice-overs.

I can not share the video for I am bound by GSK’s terms of confidentiality and this film was  made for their internal use only. But if there is a piece of work that I know for sure gives goosebumps to people, this is it. Here are a few screen-grabs from the video-

Corporate Documentary Film Shot in Dehli

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