coast of amalfi

Shooting by the coast of Amalfi !

Last month, I captured a bunch of small clips on a prosumer DSLR while I was driving past the Amalfi coast in Italy. Here’s a montage of shots from the road trip.

This video was captured in entirety on a Canon 600D, an entry level DSLR with the kit lens that Canon ships along with it.

Most of the footage is straight out of the camera, no fancy post production or colour grading. Just to add a little life to the landscapes I did play around with the white balance before every taking shot to add some more colour and texture. We rendered this sequence in 720p, as we knew that this video would at best land on my blog. The reason we did 720p and not 1080 (the footage was captured full HD) as it allowed us some more breathing space in post. We added some zoom-in/zoom-out to add some interest in the otherwise static rushes. All shots were captured handheld.

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