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What It Takes To Pitch An Ad-Film To An Agency Or A Brand

The right Ad Film Pitch is the biggest challenge you must tackle head-on. It not only differentiates your expertise but also is the step you must take to win the client. Therefore, you need these important tips to design that winning pitch.
You have an amazing video concept, but the move to production only happens after making that
winning Ad Film Pitch. Therefore, it’s not about the idea but how well you pitch them. Remember that your pitch refers to everything you do before and during the presentation of your concept to your client. As an Ad Film Maker, your TV commercial pitch is the most important step to secure more production projects. To make the perfect pitch that wins more Ad Film production in Delhi, India, here are some key steps you need.


1. Prepare Thoroughly

Typically, you already have a solid creative brief prepared. However, as humans, we can’t
remember everything without practice. Go through your creative brief once more and ensure you
have answers to all questions that may arise during the pitch meeting.
Ensure that your pitch also enforces and fulfills all the promises outlined in your TV commercial


2. Be Strategic

Never lose track of the reasons behind that video concept. It’s easy to forget the “whys” behind
the campaign and let the technical details take over your mind.
Always remember that your stylistic ideals must never come before your client’s goals.
Therefore, you must support your creative decisions with a marketing strategy that brings all
your client’s objectives to life.


3. Be concise about your pitch deck

Never fall into the temptation of simply transforming your creative brief into a slideshow as your
pitch deck. Your creative brief merely got you one-step into the door. Without carefully
preparing your pitch deck, they will throw your fantastic concept out the window.

You can concentrate on pairing visuals will powerful comments to ensure your TV commercial
pitch presentation has a life of its own. So write that script before you prepare your pitch deck,
that’s no longer than 30 seconds.
A good approach is by reducing your concept into a two-sentence script that shows the (1) hero,
(2) the villain (problem your client’s product or service or brand solves) and (3) the how (how
your video displays the conflict)


4. Build a mood board

Your Ad Film Pitch requires more pictures than words to set the right atmosphere. The more
pictures you use the better. Therefore, carefully, construct that mood board while paying great
attention to the color pallet, what a character will look like, and the feel of the project.
You can use a mood board app to save the time you need to collect stunning inspiration boards
your clients will love.


5. Use references to structure your concept

Your TV commercial pitch should include reference videos to help your clients understand the
tone, look and feel of the work you are proposing.
Make sure you have references available for all parts of your video concept to help your clients
get a clearer picture of their own.


6. Add a Storyboard

Some clients may read the first few pages of your preliminary script during the pitch meeting.
Therefore, it’s appropriate to add a storyboard to add weight to your words. Your storyboard is
also perhaps the best way to paint the clearest picture of your concept.


7. Be confident

Regardless of how much you prepare, your clients may not immediately agree to your concept.
Therefore, you need to ready to defend all aspects of your project.
However, don’t forget to make room for the alterations your clients may need, but by defending
your artistic choices, you look stronger, confident and very much the ideal professional they


8. Know what it takes

Make sure you gather information on all other aspects of the ad film production such as the
proposed schedule and budget.
You can take it further by creating a script breakdown report that shows these specifics.

Now you know what it takes to create the winning pitch that earns you that Ad Film Production
in Delhi, India. Go ahead and start drafting. Always remember that you may not get it right the
first few times. However, with careful practice, you will become better at transforming your
ideals into terrific pitches.

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