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Critical Components of Ad Film Treatments


No matter how great a filmmaker you are, writing sellable TV commercial treatments is a different ball game. 

Creating an idea you believe your client would love for that next big commercial is one thing, relaying that vision to that client is another and then finally executing it is another and all of it depends on how well you write that treatment. 

TV commercial treatments are the most definite and organized outlines of your thoughts and vision. Think of them as the simplest way to set the pace for the full story or picture. In reality, they are more than outlines because they provide more in-depth and detailed information to ensure you sell the right image to the client. 

To create a standout treatment, you need to organize your thoughts and visions in the most practical matter that helps create the most terrific product possible. Therefore, you need these three critical components outlined below to set the pace for that next big Ad film production.


Show Your Uniqueness

It’s always important to realize that you aren’t only selling an idea but who you are. Always include a director’s statement, which refers to the cover letter of your treatment. 

Never be afraid to provide a healthy dose of your personality. So avoid the slick, professional words that impress everyone else and tell the client why you are the best person for the job in the most natural way possible.

Include as much humor as possible with a hint about your personal life and experiences in the past. Remember, you will possibly competing against other directors, so you want to give it your best shot.



Be Visual

Filmmaking is an intricate visual art, so your treatments shouldn’t be filled with a boring long string of texts but must create images in the hearts of your clients. Be very thoughtful about this process. Help your clients see the mood, atmosphere, and approach you have in mind. Add a few reference frames from other past commercials that inspire you.


You can also create some drafts and backgrounds to make things more “filmic” if necessary. Remember that clients are very particular about the smallest details, so it makes sense to help them see your creative vision in every means possible. 

You can use Photoshop InDesign for this step, but other programs like Google Docs or Keynotes might also do the job efficiently.


Be Bold

Your client’s goal is to sell their products or services, so they cannot opt for a lackluster video that gets lost in the crowd. 

That’s why you must show your passion by creating a terrific idea that grabs the audience. Don’t be afraid to be bold and very confident about your idea. Your confidence is too important to be able to sell all kinds of TV commercial treatments to different clients. Pay great attention to your writing style by using active voice and power words to set a positive visual effect. 

By displaying your confidence, you will help your client realize how passionate you are about the project. 


Crafting perfect treatments is the first critical step 

Your ad film production depends on the right treatment. Therefore, you should think of treatments as the opportunity to expand and enhance your creative vision like never before. 

Always remember that creating the ideal TV commercial treatment is an art in itself. It might be a tedious job, but it has a lot of impacts on your professional journey as a filmmaker. Therefore, allow your creativity and passion take over. Be bold, and never afraid to see where that idea takes you. Overall, ensure you sell your unique, authentic self as part of your vision. That way, you drive the client to instill their trust that you can deliver, and when you do land the project, you will make a terrific ad film production.  


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