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It is true that most consumers nowadays spend greater deal of time browsing the internet on their PCs and mobile devices, the fact remains that in India, TV advertising still offers an enormous return on investment (ROI) for many businesses. In fact, statistics has shown that TV marketing has even greater successes with KPI than most other media outlets. This is why Ad film shooting in India is still relevant and the TV commercial shooting crew in Delhi, NCR has so far improved in their services.
Now, if you plan to use the crew for Ad film in India to execute the production of your Ad film, it is important that you know what your crewmembers will be made up of:


It is ideal that the Director be actively involved in all creative processes of an Ad film crew in Delhi NCR thus, hiring a team of Assistant Directors will also be necessary. As soon as production commences, they will see to it that everyone is on track. The Assistant Directors are invaluable in the crew for Ad film in India because of their role which is to keep track of schedule. Remember any time wasted commensurate to money being wasted. Other roles of the assistant directors in an Ad film crew in Delhi NCR, include working on the call sheets for the shoot days and updating the Daily Production Reports (DPRs) at the end of each shoot day.



While directors take charge of the entire creative processes during an Ad film shooting in India, the production takes responsibility for coordinating everything else. You should note that Executive Producers perform a different role from the Producer. The role of the EPs is to make sure that money comes in.

For a TV commercial shooting crew in Delhi NCR, there is usually the Line Producer who is like a link between the production company and the rest of the production team. This person will have to communicate with the Unit Production Manager to ensure that the budget is properly utilized. The Unit Production Manager however, will be concerned with paper works such as location releases and contract signings. While in an Ad film shooting in India, the UPM will have to work directly with the Production Coordinator. These are the people that do the
crew’s ‘dirty work’ that the UPM may not be able to take care of such as organizing for transportation and lunch, renting equipment etc.


Video production company in delhi


Camera and Lighting:

In every crew for Ad film in India, there is usually the Director of Photography who is in charge of the Camera and Lighting Department. This person is involved in production process at the very early stage and sees to it that correct shots are taken. He takes all decisions regarding lighting and framing. The DP works closely with the Assistant Cameramen who operates the slate, ensures that the camera is focused and also ensures storage on
the cards. Also found in this department are the Gaffer, the Grip and the Best Boy.


The campaign video for Snapdeal’s Manhattan Connect was shot on the Arri Alexa.



For an Ad film shooting in India, you will have here the Sound Mixer and the Boom Operator who are responsible for getting all sounds recorded properly.



This is where you have the Production Designer as the head of the department. This person creates the visual tone of the film, oversees the props, set designs, wardrobe, makeup etc. The Art Director who works with the crafts people reports directly to the PD. You will also find in this department other crewmembers like the Set
Designer, the Set Decorator, the Wardrobe Stylist, the Makeup Artist, the Prop Master and the Hair Stylist.


Post Production:

A crew for Ad film in India is hardly complete without the Post-Production Supervisor who oversees all post-production necessities such as post-production budget, special effects, sound design and other editing processes. You will also need an Editor and Assistant Editor here to see that the vision and tone of film are all in

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