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Crew For Video Production, India

Every crew for video production in India must know that there are roles and hierarchy that ought to be followed for each team. This will help one know the right person to approach when issues arise or when inquiries are to be made.
You will also know the leader of each department with this structure in place. While the video crew in Delhi, India operates with a certain standard, each crew has their own unique way of operating. Here we will talk about the typical hierarchy of a video production crew in India. The structure is typically the same however, depending on the budget and type of project, the structure may change. For instance, the Director of Photography can act as the Lighting Director and the Camera Operator for a particular TV commercial brief in Delhi, India especially when the budget for the project is low. This is not ideal as it would result to much responsibilities being placed on one person. However, it becomes reality when the budget is not enough to have a full crew on ground.
For a video production crew in India, this is what you are most likely to get:


The creative processes of the crew for video production in India are solely in the custody of the Director. He works with a team of Assistants and they all have to work together to ensure that everything runs smoothly on set.
While the Director of a video crew in Delhi, India focuses on the creative process, the Assistants make the process easier and run the entire show on set.


The coordination of the entire crew for video production in India takes place right in the production office. All departments in the film crew have to report to the producer. All questions relating to the video production will also be channelled to him. A TV commercial brief in Delhi, India will also need the service of the Line Producer who would work with the producer to ensure that all the resources that are required for the project are made available.


Check out this film we did for Baush&Lomb. This campaign was shot on the Red Dragon.


Camera and Lighting:

This department is also inevitable for every video production crew in India. The Director of Photography who takes all calls regarding lighting and framing leads the department. Together with the director, they ensure that the right shots are taken.
It is the role of the Camera Operators to manipulate the camera but they do this under the instructions of the DP. The Camera Operators have to make sure that the camera is always focused while on set.
Also under the leadership of the Director of Photography are the Best Boy (for handling the minor tasks), the Gaffer (who heads the lighting team) and the Grip (who ensures that the non-electrical components needed to set up lighting for the shots are all in place).


There are two main crew roles you will find in a crew for video production in India. These are the Boom Operator and the Sound Mixer. While the Boom Operator is responsible for holding on to the long, heavy microphone and keeping it in place, the sound mixer will keep track of all sounds that have been recorded while on set.


Film production companies in india



The importance of the Art department for every video production crew in India cannot be overemphasized. With the right art team in place, you will surely have a magical visual tone set for your video. You will find in this team different roles such as the Set Designer, the Art Director, the Set Decorator, the Prop Master, the Makeup Artist, the Hair Stylist etc. The Production Designer heads them all.

Post production:

The Editor with his assistants are typically in charge of the post-production process. They also collaborate with the Visual Effects Editor, the Composer and the Foley Artists who all report to him.

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