lisa hayden photography by vivek kunwar

Best Photographer Ever

When I was learning photography, I used to look at some of the most popular work of famous photographers and think – “I can create such stuff“. What I did not realize then was the fact that it is not these singular photographs that make an artist stand out, but his overall body of work.

Production values change and so does technology, the very definition of brilliant work changes and the way people perceive and consume artwork also alters with time. Creative careers are bound to be fluctuating. Amazing actors deliver pathetic performances, brilliant sportsmen go through bad forms, best of the musicians create monotonous music and the list is endless. What does not change is the fact that only those who create compelling art work over and over again are recognized as the greatest  contributors to their own art-forms.

We as artists have to appreciate and accept this turmoil as a part of the game.

Becoming a great photographer is not just about creating compelling work for clients, but also about continuous learning of latest techniques and technologies, to reinvent one’s style just when it is required, to sail through those troubled waters when you get into one, and to be able to rinse and repeat the above mentioned for as long as you want to !

I want to be able to do that.

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