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Underwater Photography In New Delhi, India

Here’s one more from an underwater photo shoot we did in Delhi. As a photographer, going underwater is fun, challenging and addictive. I wish we had a beach somewhere close to Delhi ! I so want to acquire some serious diving skills and explore sea floors both to capture marine life and to do some complex underwater fashion photography; I just want to take a month off from everything to escape to a diving destination and get certified by PADI. How I wish doing that was as easy as it is to dream about it.


Ever since I saw the amazing underwater photograph by Cesare Naldi on National Geographic’s blog , I have always wanted to visit Andaman. The clear seas and clean beaches make it the best place for underwater photography in India. And amidst my rants and fantasies about underwater photography, I should not forget to mention that Komal was absolutely brilliant throughout the shoot. She was amazingly calm and at ease, and made the shoot much easier than I had expected.

Art Direction by Kanika Manchanda


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