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Camera Action in Lutyen’s Delhi!

The capital of our nation Delhi has a unique place in the world not just as the capital of the largest democracy in the world but also as one of the oldest inhabited cities and being one of the longest serving capitals.  Even though much of the recorded history of Delhi is only after the 12 century, Delhi is an amalgamation of modern and historic locations. 


Countless rulers have reined India over centuries and even though India suffered much looting and pillaging at the hands of many of these rulers, we cannot deny that each culture enriched the history of our land and lent to historic landscape of monuments and buildings that is our legacy today. 


From Harrappan excavations, to the Mahabharatas Indraprastha, the capital of Pandavas, to the famous Iron pillar of Qutub Minar to the complicated and mesmerizing layouts and buildings conceptualized by Lutyen. 


Is it then any wonder that Delhi is photography dream for any camera happy person?  So here we are giving you a first hand rundown of some of the photography sites in Delhi. 


First up on my list is the ruins of Mehrauli, spread over 300 acres of land this area is a treasure trove and every photographers dream come true. From the famous Qutub Minar to almost 440 scattered archeologically significant monuments you will be spoilt for choice. But if history doesn’t appeal to you then you can always visit the Garden of Five senses with is amphitheater, a herd of stone carved elephants or the khas bagh! I say click away! 


From Mehrauli we move up to central Delhi and something a more recent…. Well compared to the monuments in Mehrauli at least! And it’s the famous hub for shopping and commerce the Connaught Place.  Considered at one of top 10 most expensive real estate in the world Connaught Place for the showpiece of Lutyen’s Delhi! Built in 2 concentric circle the Connaught Place is also host to the central park which currently has the biggest and the busiest metro stations of the city underneath. And in March 2014 it also became home the largest known Indian Tricolor at the time.  Adjoined the famous underground market Palika Bazaar and the Shanker Market Connaught Place is any photographers delight!

From the sophistication and perfection of Connaught Place we travel further to the hustle and bustle of apni “Purani Dilli”, yes the famous Chandni Chowk! Famous for it narrow roads, mind-boggling traffic, and amazing finger licking food Old Delhi leaves you mesmerized and speechless. From the parathewaali gali to the famous Mirza Galib house, from the colorful Kinari Bazzaar to the blingy Maaliwara with its jewelry showrooms all tucked away on either side of thin, narrow roads.  Old Delhi and its people capture your heart and you can capture their charm on your camera for eternity. 


And what stands proud right next to Chandni Chowk? Our next location… the amazing Red Fort.  If you are looking for a location for an early morning shoot in Delhi then this is THE location for you. With great halls, magnificent darbars, alleys and not to mention the intricate carvings and the flawless architecture make Red Fort the perfect backdrop for romantic shoot.  


Next up on our list is the Agrasen is Baoli, located near Jantar Mantar. This 108 step, 60-meter long and 15 meter wide step well is believed to have been constructed by the legendary king Agrasen. The location is not just popular among photographers but also with the Bollywood fraternity latest among them was Amir Khan starter PK.  From Chandni Chowk, to CP to Old Monuments we now move to something religious, something grand, and something new! 

Yes I am talking about the famous Chhatarpur Temple, dedicated to Goddess Katyayni. Built in 1974, the temple complex is spread over 60 acres of land and has over 20 small and large temples. The temples are beautifully built with intricate carving and flawless architecture and are a perfect backdrop for photo shoots. 


India is a vibrant country full of colours, cultures, where modernity constantly moves hand in hand with our history. The Janpath Market near Connaught Place is one such example. The market is hub for buying arts and crafts from various regions across India.  The magnet foreign travellers, the little shops are a treasure trove of our culture and any photographers delight. 


As I said in the beginning Delhi, the heart of India, is a dream come true for any photographer. The list of places that you can shoot is endless. Weather you are planning a film shoot, a fashion shoot or just landscape shots I can bet you will be spoilt for choice. Every nook and corner of Delhi has its own history, its own story, question is can you capture it? 


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