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Post Production For Ad Films and TV Commercials

Planning your post production during the pre production is the ideal way to go about your film production. Although ad film production requires three stages, the final phase is as crucial as the first.
Unfortunately, most people believe that post-production is too challenging. Although it demands a lot of attention and effort, it is in truth simple if you take one step at a time. Naturally, your post-production, Delhi India begins by sending the footage to the editor.

However, it also involves some key steps to ensure success. As a film producer, you must be aware about a lot of crucial steps in post-production. However, your post-production for a TV commercial, New Delhi, India requires fewer steps. To help you and your TV commercial crew accomplish success, let’s look at the seven vital post-production steps for your ad film production.


7 Steps of Post-Production for TV Commercial, New Delhi, India


1. Pick editing format:

You can edit the old fashioned way or the digital way. Most filmmakers use digital editing because it is flexible and easier than the old splice film techniques. However, editing plays too important a role to leave hiring an
editor until the last minute. We recommend getting an editor on-board from the get-go. The editor will look at your corporate video brief, and determine the types of shots needed. They will also find and deal with tricky post-production challenges before they happen.


2. Hiring a picture editor:

Your editor team is made of two specific departments: picture editing and sound editing. You will need to hire the picture editor to create an Edition Decision list. They will assess your script, look at the rushes and cut the firm accordingly. Usually, editing takes about 2 to 4 weeks. The editor will provide diverse drafts from time to time depending on their stage in editing. You should expect the first (rough cut) in a few days. The final would come after all your needs have been met and are called the Answer Print. Your needs, in this case, means how satisfied you are with the sound (sound lock) and visual images (picture lock).


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3. Getting a sound editor:

Your sound editor is the next person you need, roughly two weeks after getting the picture film right. They will need a few weeks to do through your draft, add sound effects, reduce dialogues, and prepare cue sheets
for the seventh step (the mix).


4. Automatic Dialogue Replacement’s

In the ADR’s case your actors will come back and help work on dialogues that aren’t clear. The ADR is a large hollow room where your actors will watch your picture draft from the second step and lip-sync accordingly.


5. Foley:

This involves a hollow room like the ADR’s setting. However, you don’t need the actors but individuals called walkers or Foley artists. They will add all other sound effects, such as footsteps to your ad film production.


6. Music:

Music is a vital aspect of post-production for ad film In India. Some individuals use old songs or popular albums. You can also hire a musician to compose brand new songs for your corporate video brief. Hiring a musician is the
most preferred method so you have rights to the songs. Regardless, make sure you purchase licenses if you wish to use popular or old songs.


7. Re-recording:

Next, you have to re-layer your ADR, Foley, music, and dialogue into a single sound file. This session is usually known as the Mix.


Your post production, Delhi, India will no longer be difficult and overwhelming if everything is fashioned into simple steps. As a film producer, you must work with your TV commercial crew to make each post-production step seamless. A rule of thumb is to get everything and everyone on board during the first phase. That way your post production for TV commercial, New Delhi India will proceed with a clear picture of the outcome. Again, post production, Delhi, India is not a difficult process. We only make it so, when we don’t have a proper plan for each phase from the onset.

Have a look at this film we did for Dalmia Cement, getting involved during pre- production and production is important to deliver the right film after post production. Do get in touch if you want to know more about our process in detail.


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