Indian Festivals- A photographers dream!

India is a land of beauty and diversity. And to witness just how diverse the in Indian culture really is and appreciate its beauty one just needs to look at the various festivals we celebrate. And what’s even better? These festivals are also a chance to get stunning photographs! So let’s find out more about the great Indian festivals that make up for great photography!


Photogrpahy and colour go hand in hand (well more often than not!) and if we are talking color then we have to talk about the Holi festival! The festival of colors! It seems like the entire world is filled with Gulaal and Abeer (Dry colours), with an aroma of delicacies all around. If this is not the ideal canvas for a photographer then I don’t know what else can be. Even better is the fact that various regions across India celebrate Holi differently! From the famous Lathmaar Holi of Barsana, to Dol Jatra in Bengal, India celebrates Holi in as many as 14 different versions across the states! So don’t wait start clicking away!


The crisp air of early winters blended with the divine light? This just means it is Diwali season. If Holi is the color of festival then Diwali is the festival of lights! Its celebration of hope and new beginnings, every building, every house can be seen drenched in light as the country celebrates the homecoming of a warrior prince from a fourteen year exile. Diwali is a 4-days long festival full of fireworks, lights, gifts and happiness all around. Every genuine emotion on this festival is worthy of a click.

But before we celebrate Diwali, we celebrate Durga Pooja. Although celebrated across the country, Durga Puja is quintessentially considered a Bengali festival. How can you not click away the roads jammed with people at the Durga procession slowly makes its way for the “visarjan”, the women adorned in the traditional white and red saaris and men in the traditional Bengali garb of dhoti and kurta. Durga Puja is a 3-day celebration, full of the colour red and traditional worshipping rituals that you cant help but capture on your lens for all eternity. 


And if we weren’t stuffed enough from the festivities of Durga puja, right on its heels, just two days later we celebrate Dussehra, the day the mighty Ravana was beaten by Rama and his army of monkeys. And how can you not capture the huge burning effigies of Ravan, Meghtnaath and Kumbhakarna , that are burnt as symbol of good versus evil. 


India as we said in the beginning is land of diversity, a land of diverse cultures, and also many religions. While India might be a Hindu majority country, festivals of other religions are celebrated with no less vigor. And one of the most popular festivals is the Eid festival. Eid is celebrated multiple times across the year, and each one has its own meaning and significance. From the mouth watering “sewaniyan” to scrumptious kebabs, Eid festival is a gastronomical delight and one, which is definitely click worthy! 


Another click worthy festival is the Mahashivaratri Festival or the ‘The Night of Shiva’ is celebrated with devotion and religious fervor in honour of Lord Shiva. The site of a multitude of devotees take an early morning ritual bath on the banks of river Ganga in Banaras is a site which any photographer loves to capture. 


Each an every festival celebrated in India is so full of color and joy that one cant help but capture on the camera. From Rakshabandhan, where you capture the love between siblings as they promise to love and protect each other, or Karvachauth where wives break their day long fast by worshipping the moon as they pray for a healthy and full life for their husbands, or Onam the malyali harvest festival where you cannot help but photograph the beautiful and intricate rangolis made by women outside their homes, or the boat races. 


Yes, India is a land of beauty and diversity, and the festivals of India showcase this cultural diversity to fullest. What’s more is that these festivals somehow make us forget our differences, our religious beliefs and inspire us to all come together and simply celebrate life! 


So well… what are you waiting for… go capture…. 


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