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Wedding photography isn’t all about the show. There is a lot that goes into creating images that beautifully relay the union of two souls. The union follows a massive event that will soon become memories to be cherished later. With Vivek Kunwar Media, you will get a chance to produce incredible evidence of these memories in media with the best wedding videographers and photographers by your side. These professionals are highly trained and qualified and are aware of every aspect that is necessary for making each capture breath-taking. For the best photography in Delhi NCR, trust Vivek Kunwar Media.

Wedding Photography in Delhi NCR

Wedding Photography can be of many types. Vivek Kunwar Media specializes in varied kinds of photography.

Candid Photography

In this style of photography, we will capture

wedding moments in its natural form without including poses. These photographs will consist of moments of giggles, laughter, chit-chats, anxiety, emotions, excitement, and so much more.

Traditional Photography

Traditional photography will include posed portraits that will have the usual poses. These pictures are taken of family members and guests along with the bride and groom.

Cinematic Videography

When it comes to cinematic videography, we use

creativity and storytelling techniques to capture the wedding.

Traditional Videography

It is more like a video documentary of the

entire wedding event.

Pre-Wedding Video Shoot and Photoshoot

Videos and photos will be taken at the best

photoshoot place in Delhi NCR to capture the romance and passion of the couple.


With Vivek Kunwar Media, you will get the best photographer in Delhi NCR at your service. Allow us to capture your wedding day, and you are bound to get lost in time when you take a glance at them later in life.

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