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Here are a bunch of handpicked videos that we have created in the recent past. The videos below would give you a flavor of the varied assignments we have worked on. If you wish to see all our creations, please check them out in the blog section of this website.

Shell Helix Ultra


Client: Shell Lubricants
Agency: JWT London
Brief: A commercial for the launch of “Shell Helix Ultra” in the Indian market.

Manhattan Connect


Client: Den Snapdeal
Brief: A fashion filmgoer the launch of an apparel and accessories brand called Manhattan Connect. The brand is owned by Den Snapdeal in India.

Documentary Film


Shooting Location(s): Varanasi, India
Subject: The film is a documentation of the lives and philosophies of Aghori Saints, known for their dark rituals and for consuming human meat. Know more about the film in this blog post.

international Breastfeeding week


Client: Medela

Brief: A video to be launched on the eve of the International Breastfeeding Week to sensitize the TG and trigger conversations.

Lacelle Color Contact Lenses


Client: Bausch & Lomb
Agency: Draft FCB Ulka
Brief: A film made for digital use featuring Lisa Hayden sporting Lacelle Color Contact Lenses

By the Coast of Amalfi


Location(s) : Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Capri

Liquid Tension Experiment Cover


Artist: Varun Rajput

State of Grace – John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess (Liquid Tension Experiment Cover)

Global Himalayan Expedition

Documentary Film

Locations(s) : Ladakh, India

Subject: This documentary was an attempt to capture the story of a group of travel enthusiasts who have set out to create a difference in the lives of people living in the Himalayas. Know more on this blog post.

Goal Sketch

Client: Goalsketch

Brief: An explainer video for the launch of the web based learning portal.

ResQ Rangers


Client: ResQ Rangers

Brief: A promo video for a mobile app targeted mostly at animal lovers.

Biography : Dr. Bharat Ram


Client: SRF / DCM Sriram

Brief: A promo video for a mobile app targeted at animal lovers.

India Lit Fest


Client: Grapevine India Publishers

A video invite for the India Lit fest.

Excellent Softwares

Promo Video

Client: Excellent Softwares

Brief: A motion graphics based video highlighting the key strengths of excellent softwares.

Prospurts Consulco


Client: Prospurts Consulco

Brief: An animated brand video for Prospurts.

India Pharma Story


Client: Becton Dickinson

Brief: A motion graphics based video presenting the story of the growth and evolution of the Indian pharma industry.

Test Tailor


Client: Test Tailor

Brief: An animated video for the digital launch of an online crowd testing platform.

Come on Inner Peace


Client: Grapevine India Publishers

Brief: A whiteboard animation to promote a book – Come on Inner Peace by Sachin Garg.

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