Srinagar, the mini Switzerland of India is the largest city and summer capital for Jammu and Kashmir state. It lies on the banks of Jhelum river. The city of houseboats has been wonderfully captured by Commercial Filmmakers, Dcoumentary Filmmakers and Fashion Photographers. The city is known for its Tradition, Kashmiri handicrafts, Dry fruits and Wazwan. The snow-covered mountains all around give one the impression of the Alps. The city has  tourists visit this city in winters for skiing and hence ideal for Adventure and Travel Photography. 


Pari Mahal Srinagar: Amidst the sprawling Chashma Shahi garden lays an exemplary Mughal structure, which is popularly known as Pari Mahal. Depicting Islamic architecture, this structure was built by Dara Sikoh and used as a place for learning astronomy and astrology. The place is highly recommended for Documentary Filmmaking, Commercial Filmmaking and Television Commercials.It offers the view of Srinagar from atop the mountains. This mughal monument with its rich history is featured prominently in Commercial Films, Fashion Photographs and in Documentary Films.

Shalimar Bagh: A chinar-lined canal passes through the middle of this well-organised 400 year old garden offering a beautiful picture from the era of Mughals. Divided into three main terraces, Shalimar Bagh blends natural beauty with architectural genius and offers breathtaking vistas for Commercial Filmmaking, Documentary Filmmaking, Fashion Photography and Television Commercial Filmmaking. itself as a prime attraction in Jammu & Kashmir tourism. Each terrace is vivid and tells a different story, perfect for Commercial Filmmakers, Fashion Photographers and Documentary Filmmakers. The first terrace is the Diwan-e-Aam, whereas the second terrace is the Diwan-e-Khas. 

Chashma Shahi: Built around a spring, Chashma Shahi, it was created by Ali Mardan in 1632, This beautiful garden is a superlative example of the many locations that abound Srinagar for Commercial Filmmaking, Documentary Filmmaking and Fashion Photography. The garden overlooks the iconic Dal Lake and offers an amazing avenue for Underwater Photography.

Nagin Lake: On the foothills of Zabarwan Mountain, the lake is ideal for Commercial Filmmaking, Underwater Photography, Documentary Filmmaking, Fashion Photography and Adventure and Travel Filmmakers. The lake is surrounded by willow and poplar trees. It is separated by a mere causeway from the Dal Lake. The lake is home to floating houseboats and sailing Shikaras. Water skiing is a popular facility here and Underwater Photography amongst the most developing areas of Filmmaking here.

Dal Lake: It is the most famous lake and the scene for many Commercial Films, Documentary Films, Underwater Photography and Television Commercials. Bordered by majestic mountains and the Mughal Gardens, Dal Lake is a favourite tourist place to visit in Srinagar. The Shikaras sailing on the sparkling water offers a picture perfect moment for Commercial Filmmakers and Documentary Filmmakers.


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