The Twin Sisters

Artists are often confronted with choices involving a tussle between their own self and what the contemporary state of their artform demands. This is nothing less than a fight between themselves and their alter egos. While one of them seeks pleasure by creating bodies of work that are their very own interpretation of the world around them (which may or may not be accepted and appreciated by fellow artists and connoisseurs), the other is influenced by and resonates with the contemporary and is more biased towards the commercial outcomes. With time, the artist learns to suppress her alter ego, and eventually kills it. The artist regrets that now, or maybe she does not.
Art Direction by Kanika Manchanda
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  1. Sanjeet Ranjan says:

    The concept so resonates with the dream everyone nurtures in his lifetime but never let it surface, and the only reason is, to be in sync with the contemporary demands. So true. Excellent thought.


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