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Why shoot an Ad Film with us?

A good ad commercial is nothing but a piece of life dipped highlighted through day to day activities, relatable lifestyle and emotions.

And the challenge really isn’t about telling this story in 30 seconds but to sell the brand along with it.

At Vivek Kunwar Media, we begin with thoughts and ideas, brainstorming, and more brainstorming, writing multiple passes of the ideas until we reach a pass which is stable enough to be executed. You also get to dive into a completely different universe of writing and the methods to make a corporate film. Here is our take on the answer to the question on Why you shoot an Ad Film With Us?

Location Scouts For Ad Film, India

Locations are more important than people assume them to be, A great film can’t be executed without great locations.

Casting Directors In India

Right casting is half done, let us tell you how to approach casting the right way.

cameras for ad film
Cameras Best Suited For Ad Film; Our Favorites

When the options are huge, the decision gets difficult, check out our list of the best cameras available to execute your AD film.

post production new delhi
Post Production For Ad Films, India

Get an insight into the post production approach we follow.

ad film crew
Crew For Ad Film Production, India

One man army or a crew of 50, we got all those answers for you.

budgeting for an ad film
Budgeting An Ad Film In India

And how do you allocate resources for your ad film