Patiala ithe fourth largest city in Punjab is the epitome of all things grand. the city is synonymous with  its traditional Patiala Shahi turban, Paranda, Patiala Salwar, jutti and last but not the least the Patiala peg.Founded by Baba Ala Singh in 1763, Maharaja Karam Singh (the Sikh Kingdom of Patiala in Punjab) joined the British East India Company and helped the British during the First Anglo Sikh wars against the Sikh Empire of Maharajah Ranjit Singh of Punjab. This city steeped in history is ideal for Documentary Filmmakers, Fashion Photographers,Commercial Filmmakers and Television Commercial Filmmakers This city was designed according to temple architecture. The Hindus of Sirhind were the first settlers, a business community with their business establishments outside the Darshani Gate.


Bahadurgarh Fort: The fort was constructed by Nawab Saif Khan in 1658 A.D and later renovated by a Sikh ruler Maharaja Karam Singh in 1837. The fort was completed in eight years and a sum of ten lakh rupees was spent on its construction. The fort is enclosed within two rounded walls and a moat. Ideal for shooting Commercial Films, Documentary Films and Fashion photography, this monument is very popular with tourists and residents alike. 

Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib: As the name suggests, this shrine of worship of the Sikhs have people throng the place to have their sufferings and problems oblivate. Legend has it that, a dip in the Sarovar Sahib will fulfil prayers of the devotees. The gurudwara serves Langar or a Community Kitchen that has been shot by Documentary Filmmakers and Commercial Filmmakers.

Baradari Gardens: The lush green lawns and greenery offer solitude and peace and calm to the daily walkers. Fashion Photographers,Wildlife Photographers and Documentary Filmmakers come here to shoot the natural flora and fauna, the many variety of birds and the oasis in the midst of the town.


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