Kanha in the maikal range of Satpuras in the state of Madhya Pradesh is the abode of the majestic cat, the Royal Bengal Tiger. Kanha, a reserve forest was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1933. Kanha National Park is the home to a repertoire of wild creatures; from the mighty tigers, amphibians, reptiles, to the most populated Barasingha and a variety of flora and fauna. This reserve attracts Commercial Filmmakers, Documentary Fimmakers and Wildlife Photographers from all corners of the globe. The best location here is the Bammi Dadar, also known as the Sunset Point, where filmmakers shoot the majestic tiger on his night prowl. 

Kanha along with Bandhavgarh and Pench is the land of Mowgly, Bagheera and Sher Khan. These 03 National parks is the land of Rudyard Kipling and his iconic and famed "THE JUNGLE BOOK" is a narrative based in these verdant forests.Commercial Filmmakers, Documentary Filmmakers and Fashion Photographers are always found here shooting the forest.


Jeep and Elephant Safari: The Jeep Safari is the most common and convenient way to explore the wildlife in the park. The jeep's mobility is a great way to traverse the choppy terrain. Elephant Safari's  on the other hand offer an upper hand due to the majestic views it offers to spot animals. Its very common to spot Documentary Film-makers and Commercial Filmmakers atop the elephant with their camera crew in tow, in a jeep safari while they try to track and capture the highly elusive Tiger. 

Bandhavgarh: About 250 kms away,Bandhavgarh is the original home of the white tigers .It was once the hunting ground for the Maharaja of Rewas. The majestic historical fort dominates the hills rising out of the forest offering a beautiful vista for Wildlife Photography,Commercial Filmmakers, Documentary filmmakers.

Pench: About 357 kms away from the Kanha National Park and a 5 hours drive away. It is located in the lower southern ranges of Satpura hills bordering Maharashtra. The original setting of the Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book at Pench Tiger Reserve and its neighbourhood offers excellent shooting locations for Documentary Filmmakers, Wildlife Photographers and Commercial Filmmakers.


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