Hampi, a hamlet of a village in Karnataka is part of theVijayanagara Empire. 

The magnificent ruins of Hampi is testimony to the rich history and is a  beautiful location for Commercial Filmmakers, Documentary Filmmakers, Underwater Photographers and Fashion Photographers. The ruins and the amazing landscape enthrals travellers and tourists. Giant boulders perched precariously over undulating terrain, their gigantic hues and reflections in the breezy palm groves, banana plantations and paddy fields all are picture perfect for Commercial Filmmakers, Documentary Filmmakers and Fashion Photographers . Declared a World Heritage site, this little village offers something for Filmmakers, Photographers and Travel and Adventure Photographers alike. 


Vittala Temple: The crowning glory of the Hampi ruins, the 16th-century temple stands amid the boulders. Construction started on the temple during the reign of Krishnadevaraya (r 1509–29) and a great place for Commercial Filmmakers, Documentary Filmmakers and Fashion Photographers. 

Virupaksha Temple: One of the city’s oldest structures, and Hampi’s only  working temple. The main gopuram, almost 50m high, was built in 1442 and offers a spectacular canvas for Commercial Filmmakers

Sule Bazaar: Halfway between Hampi Bazaar and Vittala Temple, a dirt track over the rocks leads up to this ancient centre of commerce. Commercial Filmmakers, Documentary Filmmakers, Photographers and Fashion Photographers have a field day here shooting the spectacular ruins. 

Elephant Stables: A grand building with 11 domed chambers where the state elephants once resided – each chamber has a small opening where mahouts once entered. The stables are accessed via the Zenana enclosure by  Fashion Photographers. 


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