Diu, an island near Veraval in Gujarat is the Capital of the newly formed Union Territory of Daman and Diu. It is enclosed by Gir-Somnath and Amreli District in Gujarat in the North and by the Arabian Sea on three sides.

The city was ruled over a period of time from Chandragupta Maurya, Indo-Greek kings like Eukratides, Meanandar and Appollodotes. The next thousand years, Diu was under various kingdoms and dynasties that ruled over India including Gujarat.  Diu was also ruled by Muslims Sultans of Gujarat for  one and a half centuries. The tumultous history of Diu attracts Documentary Filmmakers to this island, while the waterfront is an ideal location for Underwater Photography and Commercial Filmmakers.


Ghogla Beach and Nagoa Beach: Nagoa is the most popular and populous beach, due to most hotels and restaurants being based here. The beach is almost like a picture postcard with swaying palm trees and white sand. Fashion Photographers and Commercial Filmmakers make note and contact us for your next project to be shot here. Ghogla on the other hand stretches over the horizon, the Arabian Sea laps away at the edge as though imploring the sands to let it find its own beach. A perfect destination for Fashion Photography and Adventure and Travel Photography

St. Paul Church: The church has people of all faiths visiting for not just as a place for devotion but for its magnificent architecture. The church is also called 'Our Lady of Immaculate Conception'. The church can be a perfect backdrop for Commercial Filmmakers and Fashion Photographers.

Diu Fort: Though some parts of the fort lie in ruins and the steep climb may be a deterrent for many. The majestic views from the fort makes it popular for the tourists. When the Mughal Emperor Humayun wanted to capture Diu, Bahadurshah, Sultan of Gujarat, and the Portuguese erected this fort between 1535 and 1541 A. D  as a result of a rare Defence Alliance to serve as a deterrent to Humayun. The lighthouse is Diu's highest point and the beaches in the distance make for a magnificent Viewing Point and a wonderful location for Filmmakers and Photographers.

Naida Caves: They remind one of the magical caves of Aladdin. Interconnected with bit of a climb and located on the periphery of the city, it is almost a labyrinth. Beautiful yet majestic, the overhanging rocks can be a great location for Fashion Photography, Commercial Filmmakers and Documentary Filmmakers.


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