Chennai or Madras as it was known till a few years ago is the capital for the state of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is amongst the largest cultural, economic and educational centres in Southern India. It is the home for Tamil Cinema, also known as Tollywood Film Industry and hence Filmmakers, Photographers, Fashion Photographers, Corporate Filmmakers,Television Commercial Filmmakers all have made this their mecca. Chennai is “India's health capital" with 45 % Internationally and around 40 % domestic health tourists.  It is the "The Detroit of India", with more than one-third of India's automobile industry is based in the city.Many Documentary Filmmakers abound this place to shoot the Automobile Industry

National Geographic ranked Chennai's food as second best in the world, the only Indian city to be featured, Lonely Planet ranked it the ninth-best cosmopolitan city in the world and the Quality of Living Survey ranks Chennai as the safest city in India. 


 Marina Beach: The shaanor amour-propre of Chennai, is the second-longest beach in the world with a white sandy foreshore that looks as though extending to infinity.The ocean seems to stretch till the horizon. An idyllic place to watch the sunrise or sunset. The beach has been the setting for many Filmmakers and Corporate Filmmakers who have wanted to capture the essence of Chennai. The place has been an inspiration for many renowned poets and has been a muse in many movies. Hawkers vending hot idlis,crispy murukku or healthy sundal invite you in the evenings.

Marundeeswarar Temple: Marundeeswarar Temple, in Tiruvanmiyur, near Chennai has the temple deity Shiva in the form of Marundeeswar or Aushadeeswarar, the God of Medicines. Given the name, Marundeeswarar Temple has been a place of worship especially for people with diseases and those facing various problems with their health. A fine specimen of Dravidian architecture, this temple is a must visit for anyone visiting Chennai or nearby cities and for Documentary Filmmakers who want a slice of India.

Akkarai Beach:The sandy coastline begins from Ennore in the north extending south into Uthandi, leaving one to choose from more than just Marina and Elliot's beach. Underwater Photographers have a great time shooting here. 

Kapaleeshwara Temple :A Lord Shiva temple in Mylapore. The temple also has idols of Shiva's consort Parvati called Karpagambal i ("Goddess of the Wish-Yielding Tree"). The temple was built as per Dravidian Architecture around the 7th Century. The Arubathimooval festival in  the Tamil month of Panguni is the most prominent festival that attracts thousands of devotees across the state. The Mylapore Mess near the temple is legendary for its Filter Coffee and Idlis.The temple offers  amazing locations for Television Commercial Production and Video Production in India 


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  • Post-Production Supervision
  • Casting
  • Script Writing
  • Budget and Schedule Preparation
  • Location Scouting
  • Production equipment, studio rentals
  • Hiring crews and production personnel
  • Post-production facilities
  • Explainer Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Animation
  • Underwater Photography
  • Television Commercials

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