Agartala is the capital of Tripura and its the only “CITY” in the state. The city is named after the abundance of “AGAR” trees, an oily, perfumed tree. Tala means a “store house “

People are extremely friendly and their unhurried living is reflected in its semi-rural/ semi-urban, simple living. The city lies on the banks of Haora River and is about a few kilometres away from the Bangaladesh border. Agartala, inspite of its meagre population is the third largest internet gateway in India after Mumbai and Chennai. The unexplored city offers a veritable feast to filmmakers for Commercial Filmmaking, Television Commercials, Fashion Photography and Underwater Photography

The city offers some amazing and picturesque destinations for Commercial Filmmakers and Fashion Photographers.


Ujjayanta Palace: Agartala’s “PIECE DE RESISTANCE”  is the dome-capped palace, the erstwhile throne of the King of Tripura. The palace entrance is beautifully reflected in the two ponds.The mughal gardens beautifully manicured and landscaped provides a perfect location for Underwater Photography, Commercial Filmmaking, Television Commercials and Corporate Videos. The palace was constructed between 1899 and 1901 by the Tripura king, Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya, Within the palace is the beautifully maintained and preserved  Tripura Government Museum. The museum is the only section open to visitors. The museum boasts of a magnificent treasure trove of  regal and cultural memorabilia and artefacts, relics from Northeast India's centuries-old artistic heritage.

Jagannath Mandir: Within the Palace compounds, amongst the four Hindu temples this temple is spectacular and amongst the grandest. Jagannath believed to be a incarnation of Lord Vishnu is most worshipped amongst the Hindu Community. The temple and its edifice forms a spectacular background to shoot Commercial Films, Television Commercials, Corporate Videos and Nature Photographers.

Sri Laxminarayan Mandir: Like a guardian angel this temple is at the entrance to the Royal Palace. The temple is a tribute to the patriarch of Hindu “Lord Vishnu” and his wife “Goddess Lakshmi”. This temple is very popular amongst the local population and tourists alike. The temple  is the perfect place for shooting Commercial Films, Television Commercials, Corporate Videos and Underwater Photography.

Ummaneshwar Mandir: Devoted to the destroyer as per Hindu religion, this temple on the periphery of the palace has constant devotees seeking blessings from Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati. This shrine can be a perfect site for Commercial Filmmakers, Television Commercial makers, Photograohers to shoot their next magnum opus.

 Documentary Films, Television Commercial Production and Video Production in India.This Monument of Love in its many hues and splendour.  This white marble monument was built as s tomb for Shajahan’s favourite wife and has inspired many poets and lovers to pen their sagas. It has featured prominently as a facade for love struck actors and is always on the bucket list of must visit stars in India or Globally.

AGRA FORT: Agra Fort, an UNESCO World Heritage Site commonly referred to as the Walled City was the main residence for  the Mughal Dynasty Royalty till 1638, when Mughal capital was shifted from Agra to Red Fort in Delhi.Less popular, but still Explainer Videos, Television Commercial Production and Video Production houses in India like to shoot this fort.

Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah: Another mausoleum built during the Mughal Dynsaty . It is also commonly called as a "Jewel Box", the "Baby Tāj", Believed to be the draft of the Tāj Mahal, Explainer Videos, Television Commercial Production and Video Production house in India could shoot this beautiful but less popular monument.

SHEESH MAHAL: Commonly called the Glass Palace , it is situated below the Diwan-i-Khas hall. Shah Jehan built it to be used as imperial baths. and hence had built  extra thick walls to ensure cool interiors. It is named so, due to the extensive use of mirrors in its walls and ceilings set in the plaster. and offered  a beautiful yet  dramatic effect when lit. Abdul Hamid Lahauri, the historian for Shah Jehan, said these glass mirrors were imported from erstwhile Haleb (Aleppo, Syria). Commercial Filmmakers, Commercial Production Houses and Video Production Houses in India have captured this palace on their mighty canvas. 


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