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Crew For Corporate Film, India

Selecting a team for corporate film crew in New Delhi, India will depend on the budget you are working with. While a more selected crew (consisting mostly of the camera, camera assistant and the sound director) would serve for the more compact end, a full crew would be found on the higher end of the corporate film spectrum. You can use either a small or a full drama crew for corporate films in New Delhi, India. But, generally, smaller crew are usually used when you are interviewing company executives.
For a corporate film crew in New Delhi, India, these are the typical components of your team:


For a corporate film production company in Delhi NCR, you should know that you cannot do without an efficient director in your team. This director will mainly be responsible for the performance of the actors as well as creativity. You will also need to hire two assistant directors.
The role of the assistant director for a corporate filmmaker in Delhi, NCR, is to run the show and ensure that everyone is on track. They will also see to it that all schedules are maintained for the crew.


A crew for corporate films in New Delhi, India also typically has the producer as one of its main team member. The office of the producer entails coordinating everything. Other departments will have to report to the production office and all questions regarding location, budget, transportation, catering etc. will be directed to him.
Since filmmaking process can be complex, producers for corporate film Production Company in New Delhi, NCR, will have to delegate tasks to other production crewmembers.
A very key position that stands as a direct link between a corporate film maker in Delhi NCR and the associated corporate film crew in New Delhi, India is the line producer. The line producer sees to it that all resources that have been made available for the film production pulls through on set.


Check out this corporate film we did for ITC Grand Bharat.



Camera and Lighting:

The director of Photography is the one that heads the Camera and Lighting Department for every corporate film crew in New Delhi, India. The DP works hand in hand with the director to bring up the storyboard and shot list. This is to enable the crew run production using the right shots. The DP makes executive decisions as regards
lighting and framing. Another person the DP works closely with is the Camera Operator whose role is to manipulate the camera and to ensure that the camera is always on focus. Lighting is different from camera but it does work closely with the camera as they are both considered to be in the same department. The chief lighting technician is known as the Gaffer. The Gaffer collaborates with the ‘Best Boy’ whose role is to handle all rentals, ensure that there is access to power supply while on set etc. Another important personality here is the Grip who is the lighting and rigging technician. Their main role is to see to it that all the non-electrical components of the lighting unit required to keep the production running are all in place. There is usually more than one Grip in a crew for corporate films in New Delhi, India.


There are two major crew roles on set in the sound department- the sound mixer and the boom operator. While the former is responsible for keeping track of all sounds recorded, the latter is responsible for holding on to the long, heavy microphone.


Film production companies in delhi



The first person here is the Production Designer whose role is to create the visual tone of the video. The Designer sees to the set designs, props, wardrobe and makeup of casts. He/she works with the Wardrobe

Post Production:

Selecting an Editor is crucial in a crew for corporate films, New Delhi, India. The Editor’s role will be to oversee the vision and tone of the film assisted by the Director.
Other members that will make up the crew for a corporate film production company in Delhi NCR include the Foley Artist, Visual Effects Editor, a Composer and a Visual Effects director.


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